Functions and tasks

The Tourist Department has many and varied functions in the structure of Montblanc Town Council. Some are directly related to the tourist activity and others are of support to other areas of the Town Council such as festivals, culture or sports. Apart from the tourist, it is also aimed at tourism professionals, journalists, bloggers, representatives of administrations (technical and political) and local people (both individuals and entities).

The main tasks carried out since 2000 are:

Launching the tourist destination
• Creation of the Montblanc Medieval brand and opening of the Tourist Office, which serves some 50,000 people a year.
• Definition of quality mechanisms and relations with the private tourism sector.
• Planning for one year (action plan) and for periods of several years (strategic plan).

Positioning the tourist destination
• Assessment of the target markets, mainly local and family markets, to which we transmit the values that make Montblanc an attractive place.
• In the local imaginary, work to make people understand that we are a tourist destination and that it is not only the job and responsibility of the administration and companies to develop it. Citizens and local entities are involved.
• Establishment of nodes and identifying elements. This is not an easy task, as an endless list could be drawn up. Priority is given to the main attributes of the destination: monumental heritage and the legend of Sant Jordi, and recommended points for walks. This makes it possible to present the attractions that are not so obvious at first glance.
• Definition of strategies to attract new tourists and to satisfy those who visit us. The objective is to make the experience unique and memorable, which implies strategies adapted to each public.
• Adaptation of the communicative message to the new receivers and channels.

Revitalizing the tourist destination
• Organization of various activities to attract new audiences and make their stay in Montblanc a pleasant one. Some of these activities are one-off and others are intended to continue, such as the annual festivals Brickània, Terrània, Clickània and #Safrània365, which attract thousands of visitors, boost the local economy and generate projection and prestige.
• Collaboration with all kinds of public and private initiatives. The most important is the Setmana Medieval de la Llegenda de Sant Jordi. But also Easter Week, the Respira Montblanc Festival, the Dimecres Tapa, the local festivities or nature activities.
• Co-organization of activities with local associations: potters, shopkeepers, hotel and restaurant owners, folklore groups, etc.

Creating and managing new products
• Organization and coordination of guided tours in Montblanc in collaboration with the Guies de Montblanc.
• Creation of new proposals adapted to the needs of visitors, such as self-guided tours for families with children.

Planning and designing a tourism policy
• The mission of the area is to enhance the value of the resources available to it. To do this, it is necessary to work with a broad and integrating perspective, in the medium and long term.
• Elaboration of documents analyzing the work carried out and elaboration of action plans and strategic plans.
• In collaboration with representatives of the private sector, boost proposals for the future that respond to the new trends in tourism, such as the Respira Montblanc project.