Explore Montblanc your own way!

"Explore Montblanc your own way!" is a self-guided family tour to enjoy Montblanc's architectural, cultural, natural and agri-food heritage through play. King Alfons I, who was a child when he founded the town in the 12th century, is the guiding thread of a story that will lead all the members of the family to discover the heritage elements of Montblanc in a fun and entertaining way. The visit "Explore Montblanc your own way!" is aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 8.

The starting point of the visit is the Catedral del Vi (Cathedral of Wine) in Montblanc, where the Tourism Office is located. From there we propose a tour of some of the most emblematic places in the town, such as the wall, the gateways of Sant Antoni and Sant Jordi, the Major street, the churches of Santa Maria and Sant Miquel, the Pla de Santa Bàrbara or the Major square.

The story "Explore Montblanc your own way!" costs 10 euros. A pencil to solve the activities is given as a gift.

Where can it be purchased?
At the Montblanc Tourism Office.