Rojals - Mas d'en Llort

Distance: 6,8 km Duration: 2 h. 15 m Difficulty: low-middle Beginning of the route: Rojals (TV-7042, 12 km from Montblanc) What you can see: 'Mas d'En Llort', ponds which pick up water and fountains.


Description of the route

You have to leave the car in Rojals and go on the main street which takes you directly to the GR as far as 'Cogullons'. At a few metres the GR deviates, but you have to go straight on and in 10 minutes you will pass the crossing to 'Mas de l'Arlequí' (a rural house), and in 5 minutes you will pass 'el Corral de la Marieta'. A few metres forward you will arrive at a bifurcation on the right, placed before a sign which indicates the entrance to 'plans de Sant Joan'. You have to go right at the place where you will see a wooden stick. You will also see that there are two paths, you have to go left following the path sign.

A little further you will find another crossing, you have to go left following the sign. This is a little slope. After the sign you have to turn right. It is a shade place with pine trees.

The path goes narrower and there is a strong descent. At the end of the descend you will find a pond and a small river. Straight on at the beginning of the slope there is another crossing where you have to go right. Going this way you will find all the old typical houses in the area, one of them is 'Mas d'en Llort', characteristic because it is not yet in ruins.

You have to follow the path straight on, you will find other fountains and a small pond. Then you will find a place with green hedges to avoid the pass of cars. After this you have to go up on the right at the place where there are some stones. Here begins a long ascent. The path becomes narrower and with a dense vegetation. A few metres forward there is another sign on the right which goes into the forest, but you have to go straight on the path by the mountain. At the next crossing you have to turn right up, and you will find the GR 171 of 'La Vall'. The path has an X with the colours of the GR, then you have to continue straight up. This sign will take you directly to Rojals.


to respect the environment, the animals and the vegetation, because the area has a great ecological interest and for the landscape.

You must not throw away any rubbish.

You cannot camp and you cannot make a fire.

The property of the soil is public and private, but the maintenance of this patrimony is a responsibility of everybody.


You have to go well-equipped, with sport shoes, warm clothing if it is winter and abundant water if it is summer.


The name 'mas' is the agricultural basic institution of the feudal world, and it refers to the building as well as the fields and the forest.

Rojals was conquered in 1151 and the 'masos' were slowly constructed. Nowadays there are only 6, all of them have been rebuilt. Two belong to the Government (one of these two is 'Mas d'en Llort).

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