Montblanc - Saint John Hermitage

Distance: 5 km. Duration: 2 hours Difficulty: medium Beginning of the route: Muralla Sant Jordi (St George walls) What you can see: ermita de Sant Joan (St. John hermitage), the rock called 'de la Foguera', views of the region, 'Conca de Barberà', Montserrat Mountains and the Pyrenees (if the day is clear)


Description of the route

You can take 'muralla de Sant Jordi' as far as 'portal de la Serra'. On the left you will see a sign to ermita de Sant Joan (Saint John hermitage). You have to leave your car there.

You will pass an aqueduct which in old times brought the water from 'la font de la Pasquala' (Pasquala fountain) to Montblanc. This truck is wide and it is mainly surrounded by vineyards. On the left there is a sign to the hermitage (2,2 km). At the beginning, the way is not very difficult, but after a while it is a little hard. There are pine trees and a clay soil.

The way up is steady, and the vegetation is different, with evergreen oaks, broom and other aromatic plants. On the summit you can see the hermitage, surrounded by cypress. When you arrive you can see a deviation on the left which goes to Montblanc (you can come back this way). In one hour you arrive at the hermitage. You have to go up some stone stairs and on the right there is a path which goes down to 'la Pena' , but you have to go straight up. You can enter the hermitage and then go to the viewpoint.

When you go down you will find a perpendicular path, with stones at the side, you have to turn right. A little further you will find a crossing and an orange sign which will make you turn left and go down. The path is stony. Here there are several small paths which all finish at the same place, so you have to go straight down as far as a wide crossing with three directions and a wooden mast with signs (arrows).

You have to turn left down direction to Montblanc taking the wider track and you will arrive at the town. On both sides there are mainly olive trees and almond trees. Entering the town you see the houses and a high voltage tower on the right and a yellow mill on the left. Then the path is narrower , you go on and you will pass the back of the College, and then you will find the walls and the signs to the place you have begun the route.


to respect the environment, the animals and the vegetation, because the area has a great ecological interest and for the landscape.

You must not throw away any rubbish.

You cannot camp and you cannot make a fire in the forest.

The property of the soil is public and private, but the maintenance of this patrimony is a responsibility of everybody.


You have to go well-equipped, with sport shoes, warm clothing if it is winter and abundant water if it is summer.

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