Montblanc - Rojals

Distance: 12,6 km Duration: 5 hours Difficulty: Medium-high Beginning of the route: av. Manel Ribé What you can see : Ermita de Sant Josep (St. Joseph Hermitage)La Vall and Rojals. On the way you will find a leafy vegetation and several streams. Panoramic views of the region from the view point in the church in Rojals.


Description of the route

You have to go up av. Manel Ribé, go straight on until you find the sign to ermita de Sant Josep on the left and follow this way. Slowly, the houses will disappear and instead, you will find vineyards and some small warehouses or houses. You have to go ahead the asphalted way, it is marked with the sign GR171 and in 25 minutes you will arrive at 'ermita de Sant Josep' (Saint Joseph Hermitage). You can also go to the hermitage by car.

After visiting Saint Joseph, you have to go ahead the signed way, this is a rocky way and not asphalted. After a while you will arrive at a wider way and you will see a yellow mill on the left. Then you will get to another wide way with a wooden sign of the rural house 'Molí de la Vall'. A little further there is a water collector. You have to cross a small path over the river, on the right, always following the same signs.

There is a hard slope. You have to continue this way for a while, and then turn right and take a small and narrow path. From here you will hear the water falling from the mountain to the valley. Following the signs you will go into the forest.

The countryside changes as you go up, it is wetter and the vegetation is denser. The slope is hard and long, it describes a kind of zigzag. As you go up, the forest is exuberant, there are some chestnut trees, wheat fields, together with oak trees, pine trees and some yew trees. When you arrive at the top of the abyss there is a sight of the valley from one side and the church in Rojals from the other side. You have to go up a little more until you arrive at the road which goes to the village, the TV-7042.

Behind the church there is a viewpoint from which you will be able to appreciate all the valley as far as the fields of the region. But it depends on the weather, it has to be clear because if there is some fog you will not see anything. It takes about three hours to arrive in Rojals.

The way back is the same. The valley has a great ecological interest for its landscape, and while returning you can enjoy the things you have not seen on the way up. You can see the forest 'l'Obac de la vall', (a shady place) the spectacular red abyss and white abyss, and the remains of the old settlement dating back to the prehistoric times.

You can also change the way and instead of turning where you see the mill, you can go straight on. You will pass and area with houses, you will see 'Mas Pivert', and then on the left 'el pilar de l'aigua', a monolith which takes the water from the valley to the town. You have to go down, straight on, and where the way branches off, turn left, at the place where there are some rocks piled up. A little further you have to turn right to another small path which takes to a small hill and connects with the departure way ( the one which went to Saint Joseph). Taking this you will arrive in Montblanc.


to respect the environment, the animals and the vegetation, because the area has a great ecological interest and for the landscape.

You must not throw away any rubbish.

You have to be very careful. You must not forget that the hermitage is a place where you can camp or eat but it is in the forest. There will always be a risk of fire, and it will always have an ecological value which we cannot damage.

The property of the soil is public and private, but the maintenance of this patrimony is a responsibility of everybody.


You have to go well-equipped, with sport shoes, warm clothing if it is winter and abundant water if it is summer.


'la Vall' is a place in the mountain range of Prades which has a great natural diversity with pine woods, a leafy vegetation and several streams. This route covers all the gully (barranc de la Vall) as far as Rojals.

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