The old church of Sant Marçal

It was founded as a hospital for the poor people of the town


14th century

The church has only one nave without apse, a wooden cover supported by diaphragm arches without buttress. The big wall painting of ‘Sant Cristòfol’ inside the church is from the 15th century. The inferior part of the main façade is made  with blocks of stone, also where the bell tower begins, the rest is mud wall except the wall that later on was part of the city wall, which is made of stone and mortar.

It was carried out  according to Jaume Marçal’s will, this man was a rich ragman, in the will he ordered the construction of a hospital and a church to attend poor people. The building consisted in the church and attached to it the poor outhouses. In ancient times the building reached the tower attached to the church. From 1601 it belongs to ‘La Congregació de la Puríssima Sang’ and all the elements of the Holy Week are kept there

Only the outer part.

For Holy Week (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) from 11am to 2pm and from 4pm to 8pm

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