Ancient Hospital of Santa Magdalena

It is important its cloister in a Gothic style


The church is from the 14th century and  the hospital from the 15th 16th century.

The church has only one nave without apse, with wooden cover and diaphragm arches. On the right there is a small lateral chapel with fan vaulting. The hospital was around a central cloister slightly altered. In the cloister we can see a well and the original pavement.

Following the unification process of the hospitals ordered by the king Ferran II the hospital of Santa Madalena was consolidated. Its aim was to take care of poor people, pilgrims and sick people. Later on a nuns community which taught the girls was established there, then it was a surgery and finally in the last century there was a textile factory, this was a negative factor for its structure. It was in that century when the ‘Generalitat’ (Catalan Government) carried out a  restoration process. Nowadays it is the seat of the local historic Archives.

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