Convent of Sant Francesc

It began in the 13th century although the building that we can see at present belongs to the transition period from the 13th to the 14th century.

Architectural features
The church has only one nave with a pentagonal apse with a crossing arch and six radial pointed arches, lateral chapels opened between the buttress and a wooden cover, with a slightly polychromatic coffered ceiling. There is also a Baroque chapel from the 18th century attached to it.

It was built outside the town walls and it had the church, the cloister and the Franciscan monks section. It was a cultural centre of a great importance where philosophy lessons were taught and where important people were lodged. During the 19th century with the secularisation and the later depreciation the building lost its importance and was totally abandoned. It was at this time that the cloister and the other sections were demolished. It only remained the church which, after suffering several lootings, it lost its religious character and became, among other things, a wine and liquor factory. In the 20th century it was renovated and converted into a cultural centre.

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