Jew's Street

The street has a stone arch and is part of the Jewish quarter


13th century
In ancient times the district ‘Call’ had three porches, a synagogue, a cemetery outside the walls and several shops. At present there is only a street with this name where a medieval arch can still be seen.
There were about sixty families living in the district who were self-sufficient. Montblanc Jews were under the ones in Barcelona and had their own clothing. The kings gave them privileges so as to receive contributions in exchange  because of their commercial activity. In the three centuries  of existence the district suffered several lootings on the part of  Montblanc people who, like in the rest in Catalonia did not accept the Jews, not only for religious reasons but also for material reasons. At the end of the 15th century, due to the Inquisition, they all fled, most of them to the island of ‘Menorca’. 
The Street.

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