Cooperative Cellar

La catedral del vi, obra de Cèsar Martinell


20th century
Built outside the town, between the railway and the cross road, with the main façade looking at the railway. At the back, facing the city wall, there are the quays which receive the grapes. In the centre there is the tower with  the tank of water. In the interior we can see some arches leaning on big pillars which separate the nave. In 1945 a building attached to the main façade was erected and in 1956 there was added another one so as to be used as an oil mill.

It is a modernist cellar which is a work of the architect Cèsar Martinell. In 1919 the peasants in Montblanc formed a Syndicate and quickly, like in other villages in Tarragona, began the construction of the so-called ‘Catedral del Vi’ (the wine cellars).

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