Alenyà Palace

A Gothic building where the noble family 'Alenyà' lived



14th century but with the passing of time it has suffered several modifications.
The main façade with well-worked blocks of stone, with a big entrance door and three beautiful  Gothic windows. On the ground floor there are several arcades, ancient  and a piece of the burnt coffered ceiling are preserved. In the upper part there is a gallery from the 16th century and a long noble room where the coffered ceiling can be seen. Presiding the room there is a wall painting which was originally a work of a Montblanc painter called ‘Ismael Balanyà’ and was finished by his nephew ‘Ismael Porta Balanyà’.
Originally it belonged to ‘Alenyà’ family, then to the ‘Conesa’ family and finally to the ‘Aguiló’ family. In 1822 there was a great fire and because of this it is also known as ‘The Aguiló burnt house’. The building has been restored because due to the different uses it was in very bad conditions (it was the seat of different associations, a café and a hens farm). At present it is the seat of the regional Council.
From Mondays to Fridays the ground floor and the noble room.

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