La Guàrdia dels Prats

It is situated in the north of the town

In the last third of the 11th century it was called ‘la Guàrdia d’Eremir’, under the feudal state of ‘els Cervera’. In 1238 it passed down to ‘Guerau de Vallclara’ and when he died his wife gave it to the monastery of Santes Creus. It was in this village where  Sant Pere Ermengol was born. He passed his last years  in ‘la M. D. dels Prats’ sanctuary, he died in  1304.

Outstanding places:
‘la M. D. dels Prats’ sanctuary. Nowadays  ‘la Guàrdia dels Prats’ is the one which has more inhabitants.

Tourist services:
Restaurant Masia Poblet
Ctra. d'Andorra s/n
Tel. 977 26 40 01

ARI Cal Ros
Costa de la plaça, 9
Tel. 977 86 20 62 / 629 32 30 66


Web: La Guàrdia dels Prats

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