La Bartra

It is on the Prades  mountains  at about  730 m. high in the south of Rojals. It is part of the basin of the Brugent river, and you can access through a path going out of the  TV-7044 road (La Riba-Farena).

It is a hamlet of the town of Montblanc. It was aggregated before 1940; formerly it belonged to Rojals. A convent was built there in the Middle Age on the debris of which in the 18th centurythe mountain peasantry was established, and remained there until the decade of 1960s. This hamlet which was  inhabited by five families, has become disinhabited and progressively kept on being degraded.

At present there is a  shelter house and a rural lodging.

Tourist services:

Mas de Caret (PT-000119)
Ctra. de la Riba-Farena, km. 11
Tel. 977 264 003

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