El Pinetell

It is quite far from  Montblanc, at about 7 km in the southwest in a straight line, but to arrive there the only way to  access is from La Riba, and once in this town you have to take the road to Farena, this  represents about 15 km from Montblanc. It is placed at about 610 meters high.

Until 1841 it constituted an independent town, but in 1849  it was ruined;  there are only the ruins of the Romanesque church (XIIIc). The Templers acquired it in the .XIIIc, from Pere de Granyera, part of the rents of the castle of Pinetell, which afterwards passed to the Hospitalers.

Outstanding places:
Long ago, the inhabitants of the Pinetell bled the resin of the pines to sell  in the market, it is for that reason that they received the nickname of the "reïnosos".

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