The legend of Sant Jordi (Saint George)

The other important legend was collected by the Catalan writer about customs and manners  Joan Amades who placed the fight of Saint George and the dragon in front of Montblanc town walls.

A long time ago a fierce dragon frightened the people in Montblanc. It ate up the pasture animals to such an extent to threaten the town’s population. So as to avoid the attack of the beast it was decided to give it a person every day. There was a draw among the population, the king’s family was included in it, and the destiny  wanted the king’s daughter to be the  person chosen. When she was going to be swallowed  by the dragon a horseman appeared and saved her of being killed by the dragon. The horseman was Saint George. At the place where the dragon poured out its blood a rosebush with red roses grew. Since then it has been maintained the Catalan tradition in which men give a red rose to their beloved women.

Every year, coinciding with St. George day (23rd April) Montblanc organises a Medieval Week. During two weekends the town revives its medieval origin and the streets, squares and towers are embellished with the noble flags and standards. There are a lot of activities that transport the visitors back to the Middle Age: the performance of  Saint George’s legend, the scenes of medieval life, the medieval supper, a concentration of dragons and fire, the medieval market, the performance of the Catalan Courts and so on…

The Medieval Week of Saint George has turned into the most important and most famous celebration  in Montblanc. It has been designated as a Festival of National Tourist interest in Catalonia and in Spain.