The decline (14th-18th century)

Besides the epidemics and bad harvests at the end of the 15th century there were the wars between the king Joan II and the ‘Generalitat’ (Catalan government). The town had a great decline, the abandoned houses fell down, the walls  remained in a bad state and most of the buildings in  Montblanc  were ruined.

In spite of this some unfinished buildings were then finished and it was constructed the ‘Castlà’ (the king’s representative) Palace. In the 16th century there was a slight recovery  the Desclergue House was enlarged, the Old Bridge was restored and  it was constructed the cloister in the Hospital.

During the Segadors War (17th century) part of the walls and the church of Santa Maria façade were destroyed and the archives were burnt. There were a lot of attacks, lootings and fires which stopped the greatness of Montblanc, which definitively lost its political and economical importance.

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