The crisis (1893-1964)

From 1885-86 the wine prices began to fall and started a period of social  convulsions, it was the prelude of a big crisis which provoked the irruption of  phylloxera  in 1893, which decimated the vineyard and made the population became poor because all the economy was based in the vineyard the wine and its by-products.

 Montblanc plunged into a deep economical and demographic crisis from which it did not  begin to recover until 70 years later.

At the beginning of the 20th century it was tried to mitigate the crisis through the cooperative cellars, but the Spanish Civil War provoked a new stagnation. In  1947 Montblanc was declared Monumental  Artistic Ensemble and it began a slow restoration of its monuments.

In the sixties there was an industrial and cultural recuperation which led to a slow increase in population after having arrived to a minimum of  4.421 inhabitants in 1950.

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