Chronicles of a medieval village
The Mistery of Saint George
Hovering over the wall
15th edition of the International Pottery Festival
29th, 30th September and 1st October 2017

Montblanc is a town  in the  centre of  Catalonia, at  about one hundred kilometres from the capital, Barcelona, and  near such interesting places as the Mediterranean coast and The Prades Mountains.

In this webpage you will find references to the main attractions that it has. Medieval Montblanc is history and legends, it is monuments and nature, it is feast and tradition, it is craftsmanship and gastronomy, it is quality and
desire to serve.

It is the grouping of entertainment proposals for leisure activity what has turned Montblanc into one of the most visited places in the inner part of “Costa Daurada” and in the centre of the Cister ‘s Route.

Any period of the year is a good time to walk through the streets and squares which have a medieval air, visit churches and palaces, enjoy the nature around, live the traditions and celebrations intensely. The porches of Montblanc walled ensemble are always open, inviting the visitor to let himself go by the history and the legends which the alive stones keep.